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TZXDuino 1.7

TZXDuino 1.7
This fixes issues with pause lengths that we never noticed before. It should fix games like Top Gun and Street Hawk for the Spectrum and make CDT files behave as they should for the Amstrad CPC.

*Maximum pause length of 8.3 seconds due to the TimerOne library has been worked around.
*ID20 Pause Block fixed.
*Temporary fix for pause after motor control removed.!aEt1VJKZ!ZFw-fP3bkNTtiPlbG_IllmR94Xni3KvIGUn6Jggfof8


  1. Hi there I was wondering if you could help me I have a 2 x TZXDuino I bought from a sellmyretro seller, one with motor control, and they both play spectrum games fine, But I cannot play Amstrad cpc games none work, I have tried different cpc 6128's with or with out motor control, they start loading but none seem to play it just says stop on the LCD screen, I have tried different firmwares as well, any help would be appreciated.



  2. There should be nothing wrong with the firmware as 1.7 is working a lot better and works very using my design of TZXDuino and motor control. Certainly most CDT files work for me.
    Do you get the "Loading xxxxxxx block xxx" message?
    Did you type |TAPE before typing RUN"?
    Did you press play before or after you typed RUN" and pressed enter?

    In theory the SMR TZXDuino should load at least some CDT files even without Motor Control.

    1. I did do |TAPE then RUN", I've tried pressing play and enter and other combinations and I game screen start loading, I get the "Loading xxxxxxx block xxx" message but then at the end of the I look at the LCD it says stopped, but the game screen is there but doesn't kick into the game at all, maybe you can if you don't mind send me a test file or point me in the right direction, where to get a cdt file you have tried. On the spectrum haven't had any problems at all all games work. Thanks for designing a great product saves me as loads of my spectrum tape games don't load from tape any more.

  3. I get my CDTs from CPC-Power, , or here

    It does sound to me as though the SMR doesn't have their Motor Control connected correctly though or something is wrong.

    try as that should load.

    1. Duncan can't believe it head over heels worked, I also tried a few more and they worked I've used the cpcrulez before on manic miner but it didn't load, but the other site you gave me worked a treat the manic miner worked from that site.
      If you can try this I can't get this game Magical Drop to work
      But much happier now thanks if you can try Magical Drop out or tell me how to convert it thanks.


    2. Okay. Tried both Magical Drop CDT files and neither would load in WinAPE so I edited the CDT and added a 1024ms pause at the beginning and then tested and it loaded. I haven't tried it on TZXDuino yet but it should work in theory.
      You can download it from here.!bIcyUAYC!2jsfcWVNgdFBr_CpRfRc9ONVrB19fYg1CyqnjJgJxbA

    3. Hi there I tried Magical Drop on the TZXDuino and I still got error on drive b, just after the loading screen, but I also tried it in winape and it loaded, what program do you use to add the pauses, and where do you know where do you put the pauses etc.. thanks for your help


    4. I've tested it on my 464 and it works fine.

      Do you mean you get "read error b" or "error drive b"?

      If you're getting "read error b" then it sounds like you Motor Control isn't working. Is your motor control port a 2.5mm socket of 3.5mm? Do you have the REM jack connected to it?

      I use ZX Block Editor and just change the file extension on the tape from .CDT to .TZX


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