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Dragon CAS files.

I've updated the CASDuino firmware so that it will load some games with Xroar but there has been no luck on an real Dragon.
Can you please give it a test and let me know the results? Thank you.



  1. I've been regularly checking for updates, interesting on the whole custom PCB and now Maple Mini. Fun times ahead.

    Anyway, back on track. I saw a CASDuino update so upgraded :)
    I checked it was working first on my MSX HX-10 then unpacked and fired up the Dragon64 :) :)

    And, drum-roll... got the following games loaded:

    Boulder Clash 2, Hungry Horace, Colossal Cave, Jet Set Willy, Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner & Phantom Slayer.

    Basically anything I downloaded from:

    Out of the games I loaded there must be ones over the previous time limit where the previous firmware stopped?
    - So well done ;)

  2. It turns out that previous versions were exceedingly close but we weren't emptying the buffer enough at the end of the file. There also seems to be an issue with timing that needs to be perfected but we are finally getting there.

  3. It is good that there is light at the end of the tunnel! -your hard work is appreciated.

    The last game I tried was 'Ball Dozer by Kouga'. This one seemed a little odd. There was a title screen with scrolling text but I noticed the text had stopped. I looked down at the LCD and the Tape had stopped. I pressed 'Play' and the text carried on scrolling. I kept overriding the 'Pause' but a junk screen finally was shown.
    I ran out of time, but I will try loading this one with 'Motor Control Off' to see if there is any difference.

    I am not saying I want to play Ball Dozer, just in my testing it has shown slightly different behaviour to the other .CAS I have tried.

    I will try and get a 'Top 10 or 20' Dragon games and see if I can load them all. It is great now I have a chance to play some ;)

  4. Please let us know of any failures you have so we can look into improving the compatibility.

  5. ok so far i have got invaders and hungry horace to load.


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