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TZXDuino Update v0.8b3

Andrew has made a huge leap forward with this update with almost every TZX I've tried working (one fail out of 100s) on the Spectrum and reports of similar compatibility with Amstrad files too. TAP files are also working with no fails too.

With over 5,000 TZX games for Spectrum it's still a beta release but probably the last beta for a while before a final release.

TZXDuino v0.8b3


  1. Ducan Greetings, I'm Alfredo Retrocant. I'm doing the testings by games Amstrad and all the tests that I currently miss about 20 games none has errors, as you say success is close to this project and the work you are doing Adrew is fascinating. We continue to do testings to close the TZXDUINO project to make it end as soon as possible. Greetings to all.


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