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Introducing the TZXDuino

A Giant Leap For Nerd Kind.

I'm not usually one for silliness but Andrew Beer has been working hard in the background trying to programme the Arduino to play ZX Spectrum .TZX files without the need to convert to a .WAV. Today he has managed to do that with some .TZX files but also with .TAP files as well. The code is still very much in the early stages so the compatibility with.TZX files is still relatively low but in theory all .TAP files should work. I only have 5,246 to test.
What's even better is that the code will work on both the Arduitape and the CASDuino hardware by just uploading the programme to the Nano.

Simply download this file, unzip and load in the Arduino IDE.


  1. Hi,

    I am liking the updates.

    Can you confirm that if I upload 'TZXDuino' I still have MSX compatibility?

    I have tried again with my Dragon, but still can't get anything to load. I also tried the physical tapes I have, but I think they are corrupt. Listening to the sounds, they are very quiet and there is lots of distortion.
    I tried converting some .CAS to .WAV for use with an MP3 player but still no luck.
    I think I need to find some native Dragon .WAV files.

    On a better note I managed to make two digital-to-analogue converter boxes to use standard 9-pin joysticks instead of the nasty vacuum formed plastic analogue joystick I have. Just a shame I only have a few cartridge games to use it with!

  2. Okay. First things first.

    You can find Dragon tapes as WAV files on the following link.

    Unfortunately the Nano just hasn't got the memory to allow us to make a universal decoder so TZXDuino will only play Spectrum TZX/TAP files and Amstrad CPC CDT (after being renamed TZX) files. The good news is you just upload the latest CASDuino software to your build and you are back to being able to use it on the MSX again.

    Dragon files are still not working properly but are getting closer or at least they are according XROAR.

  3. Thanks again for your Dragon efforts. - I will try out those WAV's.

    No problem on running Speccy/CPC & MSX in one. I have a couple of SD card solutions for those systems and working tapes!

    It's the MSX & Dragon which I am stuck with.
    It has been great being able to play MSX games. I have been looking to see if 'Penguin Adventure' can be converted into tape file, but I think its ROM is too big. Shame, as it has great graphics :(

    1. You can play Antarctic Adventures. It's quite a small Rom. Go to the following to download a CAS version!qQtFzYiK!gcDKmEHXwRLnWwPMCrGOvn9IPQDPV7rN_yqQxA2H1Rg

    2. If there are any other ROMs you want me to try to convert let me know.

  4. good blog post comment,thank for your sharing



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